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The Seed Money Fund

Within the Seed Money Fund grants can be recieved to finance preparation of applications for projects prepared within the Norwegian Financial Mechanism and EEA Financial Mechanism under partnership: EEA EFTA countries. The projects supported by the Fund are prepared by beneficiaries from Poland and their partners from Iceland, Norway or Liechtenstein. The aim of the Seed Money Fund is to help to develop projects and to prepare applications to be submitted under the Financial Mechanisms. The particular aim of the Fund is to support creation of projects as well as establishing new partnerships created in order to realise ideas. The amounts of grants from the Seed Money Fund available for the beneficiaries are 5,000 to 20,000 euro.

We invite all people interested in acquiring financial means for non-governmental organisations within the EEA Financial Mechanism and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism to the official website of the NGO Funds Operators  ECORYS Polska is the Operator of  lots number  2 – Environmental protection and sustainable development, and
3 – Equal opportunities and social integration.

In order to help you to find partners from EEA-EFTA countries we have created a partners' catalogue. It consists of entries from companies and organisations from Poland, together with Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. Find a partner and add your organisation to the catalogue!

Fund Operator

ECORYS Polska has been chosen by the donor countries as an operator of these funds in Poland. As a Seed Money Fund operator we will collect and assess the application forms for the Fund, sign contracts with the end-recipients as well as financial means distribution. Moreover ECORYS Polska will monitor development in realisation of projects prepared by the beneficiaries and their partners, as well as do financial control.